30ml Flower Essence from India

Flower Essence from India
Flower Essence from India
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Product Description

Ashoka - Helps promote a profound state of joy, harmony and well being.

Christ's Thorn - Helps relieve negativity, resolves inner conflicts.

Day Blooming Jessamine - Brings acceptance, love, kindness, and sensitivity to the needs of others. Relieves burdens of fear, nightmares and pain.

Drumstick - Healing remedy for bronchitis, bitterness, resentment and other pains.

Goldenrod - For those who seek negative attention from others in social situations by misbehaving.

Lotus - A spiritual elixir bringing harmony to all aspects of Being.

Malabar Nut Flower � For those who feel they are better than others because of nationality, class or caste.

Morning Glory - Helps drug addiction.

Neem - Brings overly cerebral people into their hearts.

Night Jasmine - Revitalizes sexual relationships.

Office Flower - For those who suffer from nervous stress from working in high tech offices.

Sithihea - An enhancer, sensitizer and balancer of external financial and material relationships.

Tassel Flower - Helps to heal deep emotional wounds and deep disharmony with family members.

Temple Flower - Helps restore the real awareness of God.

Waterlily - Helps with psychological inhibitions about sexual intimacy.

~Walk the Earth in awareness of your inner wisdom and light